Not So Fragile
An Exhibition

October 11 - December 5, 2014
Colorado Women’s College, University of Denver

Curator’s Statement
The contrasts generated by this show have served as an inspiration for me, creating new perceptions about dialogue.  Also causing me to ponder the ebb and flow of human expression and its effect upon everyday life.
The mere reflection upon the determination and commitment it takes to make art and to chart a path of personal expression consumes me.  Considering how artists walk a line of truth, honesty to self and work, through continual self-reflection, balancing opinion, moderating norms and maintaining their desire for success or acceptance generates a personal perception. That perception seems to mirror the journey of womanhood and the complexities of choices facing women in the modern world.
Women still bound by historic sentiment, together with notions of roles and responsibilities face uncharted paths from birth.  As each day passes in life, full of expectations yet abounding with new freedoms.  Manifestations of choices have presented with dramatic and rapid change.  How could those changes not result in perceptual changes and expressive endorsements of those changes?  The task at hand has caused me to once again reflect on life pre-suffrage, pre ability to own property and pre personal choice as never before.
The complexity of womanhood is as fantastic as the sun rising every day. This show celebrates that complexity, while calling attention to work that revolves around it. It is my hope viewers are able to discern the contrast of approaches and representations within this exhibition, while reflecting upon the historical confinement women have experienced.
Laura Phelps Rogers

John Berger – is quoted from his art criticism essays - Ways of Seeing:
“Seeing comes before words…which establishes our place in the surrounding world.”

Opening Reception October 17th 4-8 p.m.

Kay Juricek – Colorado Artists Guild
Title: Dr. Florence Sabin
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Bobbie Shupe – Colorado Artists Guild
Title: Pink Panther
Medium: Mixed

Renee Ziccardi – Colorado Artist Guild - Renee is committed to the arts, constantly engaged in teaching and process, working at the Arvada Center – warm and inviting Renee knows art is a commitment – living, drinking, feeling and making art.
Title: That’s What She Said
Medium: Ceramic Tile - raku
Title: The Kiss
Medium: Ceramic Tile - raku

Leslie Aguillard – Colorado Artist’s Guild – Leslie’s work embraces and spans generations of feminism. Bodies of work include her Noir series and most recently her Washington Park series. Her work is a continual surprise, as is her outlook and viewpoint. No one could hope to have a better friend and supporter of the arts.
Title: Allegory of a Women’s Life – from the series Allegories of Women’s Lives
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Stanley Schwartz – Colorado Artist Guild
Title: Before There Was Texting
Medium: Oil on Board
Title: Lost In Thought
Medium: Oil on Board

Pushpa Mehta – Colorado Artists Guild
Title: Mother and Child - Medium: Acrylic

Ference Gyulafia – Colorado Artists Guild
Title: Behind the Veil
Medium: Archival Print
Title: Guess
Medium: Archival Print
Title: Transfiction
Medium: Archival Print

Fred Lunger – Colorado Artists Guild - Working primarily in bronze.  Fred brings a new look at the permanence of a material that has the ability to romance us. Through his visualization and talent he continues an active leadership role with the Guild.
Title: Aerial Silk
Medium: Bronze

Laura Phelps Rogers – A prolific local contemporary artist exhibiting internationally, nationally and locally – Using sculpture, Photography and Installation she works from her subconscious integrating a memory based approach into her visual narratives.
Tile: Not So Fragile
Medium: Bronze - Digital Photographs of Bronze Sculptures

Rian Kerrane – A well known local contemporary artist exhibiting internationally, nationally and locally – Irish born – she uses her unique visual narratives, to show us there is more than meets the eye. Professor of Sculpture at the University of Colorado Denver, she uses her conceptual foundry based approach in her work while influencing her students approach through her strong knowledge of the art world and process.
Title: Dichotomous Relationships
Medium: Pronto Plate Prints with Found Objects on Paper

Kayo Peeler – A newcomer to the Women’s Art Caucus, Kayo is producing work with a strong dialogue about women’s roles and the perceptions that surround those roles. A long time painter - she works in Northern Colorado
Title: The Geisha
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Viviane Le Courtois - Viviane received her MFA in Art History at the University of Denver.  Active in the art world with her food and environmentally based approach.  She has exhibited at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art  as well as many other prominent contemporary art venues.
Title: Venus
Sculpture - Crochet and Silicone
Medium: Yarn and Silicone
Title: Potato
Medium: Hardground Etching and Watercolor

Sarah Rockett – A local artist with a strong commitment to contemporary art – President of Ice Cube Gallery, she also teaches drawing at Metropolitan State University. Interested in fear and working from a strong female based approach, she delved deep in her recent solo show at Ice Cube. The work exhibited here was a part of that body of work.
Title: Heebie Jeebies
Medium: Fabric and Found Object

Heather Doyle Maier – is a local artist recently finishing a stint at RedLine  – she  focuses on women’s roles. Contemporary interpretations of women’s roles are evident in her work. Focused and committed, to her message within the contemporary conceptual sector – Heather’s work continues to empower women and those who take the time to view her meticulous approach.
Title: Pricked 
Medium: Pillowcases and Pins

Nichole Hongchang – Associate professor of art at the University of Colorado – Nichole continues to expand and stretch the boundaries of art. Championing artists such as Francis Bacon – Nichole embodies work generated from the identity based approach. Leaving social conventions behind Nichole is true to her vision.
Title: Untitled
Medium: Pencil

Kim Henkel – Is a naturalist who has dabbled in everything – A sculptress and photographer – her commitment to alternative process and methods in photography (such as pinhole photography) earned a place in this show. I breathing example of challenging her gender to do more - she is a champion of showing women that there is more than one way to live. Her studio lifestyle facilitates her doing it all herself approach to life.
Title: Bug Eyes/Goggles
Medium: Pinhole Photography - Wet Plate Encaustic Collodion on glass / Wet Plate Collodion
Title: Witch
Medium: Wet Plate Collodion
Title: Mine is Bigger Than Yours
Medium: Wet Plate Collodion

Curator’s Note: The show suffered a censorship of a work by the venue. The work addressed violence perpetrated against women by Linda Gleitz a Northern Colorado artist.  At the artist’s election the work was withdrawn.
Contact Information:
Please contact the show curator for prices or further information about artists or the exhibition.
Laura Phelps Rogers

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